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Low cost carpet removal services

At Carpet Removal Guys, we provide discounted charge for carpet removal service. Whether you want to carry out tack strip and padding, disengaging, cutting and bagging your old carpet, you can count on our experts to carry out effective carpet removal. carpet removal requires skill and our experts understand this skill so well. For you to create a new space for a new carpet, you will need to invite our personnel to pad and strip the old carpet.We will not only remove the carpet that is eating up space, but also laminate the floor or replace it with a hardwood floor so that your floor remains appealing to the eye even in the absence of the carpet. Our cost for carpet removal is very competitive. Talk to us on 800-409-5145 and learn how a cost calculator will help you to compute how much it will cost for the entire carpet removal services.


Customized carpet removal Services

At Carpet Removal Guys, offers individualized service in terms of carpet removal service. Your specific needs are given due consideration so that you are satisfied with the outcome. It does not matter whether this is for commercial or residential, our experts will handle any carpet removal with ease. Once you contact our experts, they will turn up at your premises ahead of schedule and haul your old carpet effortlessly and efficiently. Do you need your tack strips removed strips as well? Relax, our personnel are well skilled in handling the padding and strips, so will undertake to remove them efficiently.



Once they have hauled the old carpet, they will load it onto a waiting truck and clean up any mess in your house before leaving. You would want to make the most out of your investment in carpet removal. We will help you recover your money, time and effort with ease. Call us today on 800-409-5145 and learn more how we undertake carpet removal service, tack and strip among other services.

For these and any other such services, please contact Carpet Removal Guys on 800-409-5145.

Carpet Removal

How good are our personnel in undertaking the carpet removal? Expect nothing but quality service. They will arrive ahead of schedule, execute the padding and stripping of the carpet, carpet removal and clean up any subsequent dirt in the house. You will find some personnel who will arrive late, talk back at you, shout at each other and leave a big mess on your floor. If this ever happen, ask for immediate free service.

* Tack strip and padding removal

Our experts will install for you tack strip on any kind of floor. So whether you have a tile or wooden floor, you can count on our experts to install and re-install the tack strip and padding efficiently. This is done at the time of the removal of your old carpet.

* Disposal and recycling

Carpet disposal is a necessary thing to do especially with old carpets that eat up much of your old carpet. You can count on our experts to dispose your old conveniently and in its place help you to install a wooden or laminated floor. The old carpet will be recycled and given to charity.

For a professional quote, kindly call 800-409-5145 to book an appointment for an expert advice from industry leaders.

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